Our mission is to build an inclusive blues dance community.  We aim to do this by organising events which include:

>instruction by top blues dance instructors
>small attendee numbers (max 60 full passes)
>teacher training
>supporting other scenes by inviting our community heroes to teach
>affordable pricing
>promoting inclusion, whether that be people, dance styles or music
>no competitions
>supporting musicians by booking live music
>supporting up & coming DJs by offering sets to both well known and less known DJs

Black Label Blues is a predominantly traditional blues weekend but we strongly believe in inclusion and recognise that blues dancers also like other music and other dance styles so we have our Premium Blues Blend.  We specifically do not label the non-blues element as Fusion as that has too many different meanings to different people and can be restrictive.

Our principal instructors will give blues dancing classes and our Community Heroes are invited to teach classes which are not necessarily traditional blues but will be of interest to blues dancers.

For our parties we like to have about 70% blues and for the remaining 30% of their set the DJs are free to play any music that they think blues dancers will dance to (which can still be blues!).  

Our live bands will generally play blues or blues related music.

We welcome all dancers who are interested in sharing our love of blues dance.

“Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”
[Vernā Myers, inclusion strategist]

Terms & Conditions

Black Label Blues – Premium Blues Blend

Committed to growing the blues dance community.


Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all Black Label Blues events.  By registering for a Black Label Blues event you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Booking and Payment

For 2020 we are partnering with Tickets Ignite for our bookings.   This will enable us to spend more time on organising awesome things for the event and less time on bookings administration (which previously took weeks of our time!). Tickets Ignite use 30% of their profits for arts funding which makes them an great alternative to other booking businesses. 

Alternative payment plans may be available in special circumstances, please email us at blacklabelbluesscotland@gmail.com to discuss.

Cancellations and Refunds

We’re really sorry but we cannot give refunds for cancellations.  However, passes are transferable and we are happy to help you to contact wait-listed and interested dancers to sell your pass if necessary.  Please ensure you let us know who you have transferred your pass to so they are on the attendees register.  To do this, email us at blacklabelbluesscotland@gmail.com with the following:   

  • Your name
  • The type of pass you purchased
  • The name of the person you are transferring the pass to
  • Email address of the person you are transferring the pass to


Dancing is a physical activity and you are responsible for practising good self care to avoid injury.  You participate in our events at your own risk and Black Label Blues organisers and teachers cannot not accept any liability for injury, loss or damage occurring during our events.

We endeavour to provide a safe environment and prohibit unsafe practices as detailed in our Code of Conduct.

By attending our events in any capacity (whether you are an international teacher, superstar dancer, musician, DJ, first time dancer, or anyone else) you agree to treat all participants with care and respect and to abide by our Code of Conduct which can be read here: .http://www.blacklabelblues.co.uk/index.php/code-of-conduct-safer-spaces-policy/

Photo and video

Please be aware that Black Label Blues staff will be taking photos and videos during our events for promotional material.  By signing up to an event you are agreeing to us using your image in our promotions.
Attendees are also encouraged to take their own photos and videos and we agree that these can be shared publicly, apart from photos/videos of classes which must be agreed directly with the teachers.

Code of Conduct / Safer Spaces Policy

Black Label Blues has a zero tolerance policy towards harassment and bullying.  Any allegation of bullying or harassment towards staff, attendees or other people involved in our events will be treated seriously, whether it is based on race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or identity, dance ability, dance background,  or any other characteristic or trait.

Everyone at our events is expected to comply immediately if asked to stop any behaviour which may be deemed harassing or inappropriate.

Black Label Blues reserves the right to deny admission to, or to remove from our events any person who is deemed to have breached our Code of Conduct, or who is behaving in an otherwise unsafe or inappropriate manner.  We may ban people from other events and, where necessary, the police may be notified.

Conduct Guidance

1.   Inclusion
We welcome all dancers and music lovers regardless of gender/gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, religion, employment status, dance ability or dance background. We encourage all dancers to have the choice of dance role (leading/ following/both). The choice is completely up to the individual. We encourage you to clarify which role someone would like to take when you ask them to dance.

2.   Respect others
Be respectful, don’t be inappropriate.

Remember that no means no.

If you ask someone to dance (or anything else) and they say no, respect their decision and ask someone else. No one is obliged to say yes to your requests. No one should feel obliged to accept a dance if they don’t feel like it.

Do not dance unsafely.  Unsafe dancing is any movement that puts you, your partner, or others, at an increased risk of physical injury, including but not limited to: use of unnecessary force, sudden weight sharing, aerials, lifts and drops on a social dance floor.  Remember your partner may have an injury that you’re unaware of and even dipping a partner might hurt them.   Keep your eyes open on the dance floor and try not to bump into others around you.

Partner dancing can involve close physical contact with others and we must respect each other’s personal space. If someone tells you that you are making them feel uncomfortable, respect their requirement for space.  Always respect personal boundaries, your own and those of others.

3.   Care for others
Look out for each other. We are a big family and let’s ensure we love every step we take while at the same time looking out for those around us. If you feel harassed or are made to feel uncomfortable please contact the Black Label Blues organisers (Jo and Taryn) immediately. If you see someone who looks uncomfortable or upset, ask if they are ok and if they would like you to report any unwanted behaviour to the event organisers on their behalf.

4.   Respect and Care for yourself
You need to take good care of yourself.  Take breaks if you need them.

Respect your own personal boundaries and feel comfortable saying no when you need to.  If someone asks you to dance and you don’t want to, you can say “no thank you” – you don’t need to offer an explanation.

Don’t take it personally if someone declines your request to dance – it just means in that moment that person didn’t feel like answering yes.

If you feel someone is crossing your boundaries or making you uncomfortable in any way, feel confident that you can tell them.   Don’t forget that you can stop dancing with them at any time, even halfway through a song.

If you feel unable to address someone directly but think they are behaving inappropriately/breaching the Code of Conduct, please speak to one of the Black Label Blues organisers (Jo and Taryn).

If Jo or Taryn consider the situation to be more serious than their experience can deal with, they will take appropriate action to refer the issue to appropriate professionals and act on their guidance.

Sexual Harassment

The Equality Act of 2010 outlines the definition of sexual harassment under UK law.

We strongly encourage anyone who has experienced any sexual harassment to report it to the police. The official advice is to dial 999.


This code of conduct has been informed by various codes of conduct and information from other dance events and organisations including: The Spoonful, Swing Patrol, Safer Dance.


Upcoming Black Label Blues events

January 2020 – Black Label Blues featuring Jenny Sowden!
Friday 17th to Sunday 19th January in central Edinburgh.

Event passes include:

> 6 hours of general level workshops with international instructor Jenny Sowden
–> 1 hour Foundations class with Jenny on Friday evening
–> 5 hours of general level workshops on Saturday and Sunday
> 2 general level workshops by our Community Heroes
> All workshops at Greyfriars Charteris Centre on The Pleasance
> 3 parties at Radisson Blu on The Royal Mile
> live music from Hot Tin Roof / Michael Roach / Cat Loud
> bonus music talk from Michael Roach on Saturday evening

Add a bit on the side with optional 4 hours teacher training with Jenny with a focus on scene building and creating mixed level classes

Registration is now open via our Pricing and Registration page

Keep an eye on our website News page or Facebook page for updates

Past Events:

February 2019 – Black Label Blues featuring Damon Stone
Friday 01st to Sunday 03rd February 2019
At Victoria Park House Hotel, Edinburgh
Classes from Damon Stone
Live music from Mike “Dr Blue” and Smitten

February 2018 – Black Label Blues featuring Lucky Skillen
Friday 02nd to Sunday 04th February 2018
At The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh
Classes from Lucky Skillen
Live music from Delightful Squalor

February 2017 – Black Label Blues in Dundee
A new blues dance event format with Scottish blues teachers travelling outside their local area to share skills, inspiration, present ideas and immerse ourselves in the Blues experience together.
Open / general level classes between 11am and 6pm with different teachers for each class. Teacher line up:
Oli & Ewa
Taryn & Neil
Rob & Jamie
Jo & Ian
Evening social dance with DJs from 7pm to midnight.