Live music Saturday night

I’m bouncing with excitement to announce that our live music on Saturday night will be provided by Mike “Dr Blue”. Once described as ‘the bastard son of Tom Waits and Howlin’ Wolf’, in his own words, Mike says:
My music is Blues, Roots & Folk.
I am a singer, song-writer & composer;
a guitarist.
a harmonica player,
a poet, a story-teller
I do the thing I love & it feeds my soul.
My body, on the other hand… that’s mostly fed by single malt.
He has played a number of times for Edinburgh blues dancers, both by invitation and by having his gigs blues-bombed, and every time both he and the dancers have had a fantastic time. So fantastic that after a gig one of the dancers commented that Mike was “the best band for dancers ever”.
Most musicians come to a gig with a set-list to play and stick to that. Mike comes with some songs in mind then pays attention to what’s happening on the dance floor and responds to it. He really interacts with the dancers, truly becoming another partner in the dance.

Early Bird passes sold out! Leads needed.

Early Bird passes are all gone but there are still plenty or other passes left including spaces at the hotel.

Leads, your community needs you!  We are on the verge of wait-listing Follows but if you sign up soon you could stop that happening.

Black Label Blues 2019 announcement

Black Label Blues returns to Edinburgh in February 2019 (01st – 03rd) to continue building the blues dance community.
This time we are featuring:

– Foundations and General level workshops with Damon Stone

– Classes with some of our blues community heroes
– 3 parties!
– An optional in depth teacher training programme with Damon Stone
– Live music
– Limited numbers to keep that friendly community vibe
– All in a boutique hotel in Edinburgh – limited residential passes will be available.

Registration opens 28th April 2018 at noon

Notes on venues

Friday & Saturday we’re at The Biscuit Factory – a large industrial space with a painted concrete floor and lots of windows. This means it is spacious and light but may also be chilly. We’re going to pack in as much heating as we can but suggest you bring / wear plenty of layers. You might also want to consider trainers or shoes with padded inner soles for dancing on the concrete.

Door entry: Our venue is on the 2nd floor of the building and the entrance to the building is a locked security door. We will be manning the security door only during the registration times and the start of the socials. At other times there will be a doorbell system (a wireless doorbell if it works, if not then a mobile number to call) and someone will run downstairs to let you in – please be patient. Please do not wedge the security door open under any circumstances.

There will not be a bar so you can BYO alcohol and there are no restrictions.

Sunday night we’re at The Voodoo Rooms which is licenced, has a wood floor and an open door 🙂

Introducing our other Community Heroes

We’re delighted to announce our other Community Heroes: Jess & Greg.

Jess met blues dancing via a stranger on a bus during a snowstorm. Greg met blues dancing at a house party, trying to make friends in a new city. Jess and Greg met – surprise, surprise – while blues dancing! They have gone on to dance all over the world and teach in the U.S., France, Switzerland, Germany and the UK. Known for being approachable and fun to dance with, Jess and Greg value self-expression, partnered creativity and comfort in their blues dances. They believe that dancing comfortably in one’s own body helps us dance comfortably with others, which is why their teaching frequently focuses on body mechanics and consent, endeavouring to let everyone’s inner (or outer!) dancer shine.

Their class will kick off the Saturday and set us up for the rest of the weekend:
You know the saying “you must love yourself before you can love somebody else”? The same can be said for connection! In order to connect our body to the floor and to itself, we’ll activate the joints and tissues from our feet through to our hands. We’ll pay special attention to the body mechanics of our shoulders, giving us the tools to find a relaxed and grounded frame. This class will prepare you to experience connection to your partners as if it were the easiest thing in the world.