Pricing and registration

Our event pricing is tiered based on affordability. Limited tickets are available at the lower end of the range so please book the highest cost ticket you can afford.

Full event passes (total 60 available)
Standard pass        £100
Early Bird pass       £90 (20 available, until 31st October 2019)
Discounted pass   £70 (these “Need a Little Help” passes are offered to assist no/low income attendees)  (10 available in total)
There is no Benefactor/Donating pass this year but if you can afford a donation to help support the event you can add any amount when buying your pass.

If for any reason you are struggling to afford even the discounted pass price please email us to see if we can help you to attend:

Teacher Training / Development classes (4hours)   £50

Social passes

Weekend social pass (3 parties)   £40

Single night social passes are now available:
>Friday Social with Hot Tin Roof (inc. class 7-8, social 8-1) £15.00
>Saturday social with Michael Roach (inc. talk from Michael 8-9, social 9-3) £20.00
>Sunday social with Cat Loud (9-1) £10.00

All socials (& included class/talk) will be at Radisson Blu, 80 High St, Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH1 1TH.  Daytime classes will be at Charteris Centre, 138/140 The Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9RR.

Registration is now open here:
Black Label Blues 2020 tickets