Pricing and registration

Our event pricing is tiered based on affordability. Limited tickets are available at the lower end of the range so please book the highest cost ticket you can afford.

Full event passes (total 60 available)
Standard pass        £95
Benefactor pass   £110
Early Bird pass       £80 (20 available)
Discounted pass   £65 (these “Need a Little Help” passes are offered to assist no/low income attendees)  (10 available)

For the 2020 event we will need some help with running the weekend (mostly set up / pull down and registration desk) so we will also have 2 or 3 volunteer spaces for free event passes, please email to apply.

Social passes

Weekend social pass (3 parties)   £35

Single night party passes:
Friday  £10
Saturday £15
Sunday £10

Teacher Training / Development classes (4hours)   £50

Registration coming soon – as with previous years our mailing list will get 1 week priority booking so watch your inbox!