Live music Saturday night

I’m bouncing with excitement to announce that our live music on Saturday night will be provided by Mike “Dr Blue”. Once described as ‘the bastard son of Tom Waits and Howlin’ Wolf’, in his own words, Mike says:
My music is Blues, Roots & Folk.
I am a singer, song-writer & composer;
a guitarist.
a harmonica player,
a poet, a story-teller
I do the thing I love & it feeds my soul.
My body, on the other hand… that’s mostly fed by single malt.
He has played a number of times for Edinburgh blues dancers, both by invitation and by having his gigs blues-bombed, and every time both he and the dancers have had a fantastic time. So fantastic that after a gig one of the dancers commented that Mike was “the best band for dancers ever”.
Most musicians come to a gig with a set-list to play and stick to that. Mike comes with some songs in mind then pays attention to what’s happening on the dance floor and responds to it. He really interacts with the dancers, truly becoming another partner in the dance.