Introducing our first Community Hero

We’re thrilled to announce our first Community Hero: Cee Jay

Cee Jay has been dancing for over 20 years, teaching for over 10.  He dances a number of styles, incorporating his experience as a classically trained musician to bring the music to life on the dance floor.  His class will be a relaxed affair, taking in the detail of a track and incorporating that into our dance.  We will explore styles of music and how that music will inspire our movement, the timing of that movement and the quality of that movement. It’s not about dancing to a track, or even with a track: it’s about dancing in the track.

 Cee Jay will also be taking us through the wee small hours of Saturday night with a special “Mariachi” DJ set from midnight to 3am.  Cee Jay has been a DJ for over 25 years known for his emphasis on tunage that allows genuine expression on the floor.  His “Mariachi” brand has travelled around and outwith the UK.  His sets focus on multi-layered music, usually based around guitar, which allows multiple dance styles to be expressed to the same track.