Announcing our live band for Saturday night: Delightful Squalor

Not your standard blues band but we feel that Delightful Squalor is a good fit both for the venue (Unpretty Project’s The Baths) and for the Black Label Blues premium blues blend.  We look forward to seeing you dance to their unique sound. To quote the band:

Delightful Squalor is way of life; a celebration of ‘less is more’, a sweet and savoury something to fill your heart with song and light. It joins the seasoned talents of singer song-writers Lake Montgomery of Paris, Texas and Cera Impala of Flagstaff, Arizona. These ladies provide honeyed harmonies you can hope to taste delivering an authentic Americana duet project, unique in its charm. Guitar, 5 string Banjo and ukulele in hand, they craft songs that feel timeless, songs to help you forget a world gone mad. A taste of country blues, gospel, folk and old-time jazz, they take from a range of influences resulting in a sound that comes across as quite it’s own. 

Here’s a taster for you: Delightful Squalor House concert Nov 2018